About Us

The Guides

Sean and Jessi first explored Argentine tango together in 2012 as their wedding dance and instantly became enamored with it. Since then, they frequently take privates from professionals and have even traveled to Buenos Aires thrice to further improve their skills. They have hosted workshops, milongas, and weekly classes, and are often on the road to DJ tango socials, workshops, and festivals. In addition to tango, Sean and Jessi are versed in salsa, bachata, merengue, swing, and polka, and teach salsa classes in the Billings area.

Feel free to contact us with any questions/requests/bookings/etc. you may have!

The Group

We consist of several friends who dedicate ourselves to group classes and prรกcticas while sharing our skills and knowledge freely. We travel together to festivals and workshops, and meet around Billings for various social opportunities (ranging from other dance-style events to MTG and ice cream).

Our members come from diverse cultures and countries, making our group fluent in several different languages!